Intermediate Singlehanding

Continue your journey into singlehanded racing with more challenging maneuvers. Rabbit runs and technical racing to further develop your skills. End the week with your first overnight race against your fellow class mates.

Day 1 

Morning session:
  • Weekly goals with individual crews 
Afternoon session:
  • Short course sailing to identify areas to improve
Evening session:
  • Personal management onboard a short handed boat. 

Day 2

Morning session:
  • Speed runs looking at techniques to improve speed (generic) 
  • Upwind and down wind 
  • Reaching peeling practice 
Late afternoon :
  • Advanced routing 

Day 3

Morning session:
  • Reaching, peeling and changes in course as part of race leg planning
Afternoon session:
  • Rabbit runs looking at changes to setup and effects on performance.
 Evening Session:
  • Routing coaching working with Adrena race software.

Day 4

Morning session:
  • Boat balance in downwind and reaching using ballast and crew weight
Afternoon session:
  • Triangular short course racing ranging though reaching, downwind and upwind sailing
  • Night offshore : start 1600
  • 18 hours offshore 
  • Technically difficult course with sail changes
  • Working on managing working together with sleep and performance. 
  • Any break in the fleet and the fleet comes back together and starts again 

Day 5

1000 return

Late afternoon:

  • Debrief of race
  • Talk through decisions, issues and performance important not to over cook it.

Day 6

Morning Session: 
  • Morning sailing with a focus on the areas that people struggled with.
Afternoon Session:
  • Inshore race series
  • Debrief of week 
  • Race in pairs looking to test the skills learned through the week


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